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White Papers

Our white papers, which are freely available, are written by the Principals of ASR. They include ideas and tips on a variety of sales related issues.

Effective Coaching

Teaching managers how to teach their sales reps “how to fish”

To teach managers how to teach their sales reps “how to fish,” our approach is one of focus.  Most managers don’t effectively develop their people’s skills, whether it is selling skills or sales strategy skills. We work with managers to help them develop their coaching skills by having them coach sales reps to focus on sales skill and sales strategy effectiveness. arw more

An Approach for Hard Times

Surviving Through Selling

When the business climate is rocky or when the economy is going through a downturn, most businesses look to improve their bottom lines via cost-cutting measures. arw more

An Approach to Increasing Sales

Improving Sales Performance Through Questions

Critical to creating value is the development of customer problems – jointly with the customer – to the point that these problems become strong and clear in the eyes of the customer. Even though this might seem obvious, this point is lost on many sales reps. arw more

Increasing Sales Through Product Launches

It happens all too often. A new product is about to be introduced. It’s technologically advanced, it meets a clear market need and it is significantly differentiated from the competition. With all the customary hoopla and fanfare, the product is introduced to the sales force. During the next few weeks, everyone holds their breath waiting for reaction from customers. arw more