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RedZone Robotics Engages Achieving Sales Results to Manage Sales

Achieving Sales Results, a sales management coaching firm, is now responsible for the new RedZone Robotics initiative: hiring at least ten manufacturer's reps to sell RedZone's trenchless technology around the US and Canada.

When Eric Close bought RedZone Robotics in 2003, the company was primarily focused on building one-of-a-kind robotics to go where no man could go. Previously, nuclear graveyards were a favorite customer site. However, Close changed the focus of the company to be less exotic and more profitable. Now, their Responder robots and trenchless technology services are primarily sold to municipalities, who use them to perform sewer line inspections, often required by the EPA. The industry calls the whole process "trenchless technology" because they can rehabilitate the pipe without digging trenches. In the case of RedZone, the robotic technology actually uses a laser to create a 3-D picture and a CCTV pipe inspection camera to send it back to the sewer inspection team.

Now, the company is poised for growth and needs feet on the ground to make it happen. With Achieving Sales Results, they have a sales management coach to oversee the sales process. Achieving Sales Results will hire the reps, provide all of the sales training, help RedZone manage the sustainability of their revenue, and grow the sales force from the current in-house team to ten or more sales representatives.

Both RedZone Robotics, the trenchless technology company, and sales management coaching company, Achieving Sales Results, are based in Pittsburgh, PA. This is not completely coincidental. RedZone Robotics was built upon technology spun out of Carnegie-Mellon University, and one of the founders of Achieving Sales Results, Bruce Smith, has been the sales manager for another CMU spin out.

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