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Achieving Sales Results Helps Increase Sales for RedZone

Homestead, PA 
   After a successful thirteen month engagement,  Achieving Sales Results, LLC has influenced RedZone Robotics  selling efforts to move from a product centric  technology sales method into a customer-centric  sales and technology process.  In July of 2006, RedZone Robotics had no salespeople and relied on CEO Eric Close and Director of Operations Brian Bannon to make technical presentations to municipalities throughout the country.  ASR began switching the emphasis from “feature/benefit selling” to “solutions selling” by understanding customer needs and business issues first before discussing product.  ASR then helped secure 12 independent salesreps throughout the United States. They were trained and coached by the ASR team of Bruce Smith and Mike Lockman and in the first six months of 2006, RedZone showed a 63% increase in sales.

“ASR helped change our company,” said CEO Eric Close. “We had little experience with strategic selling before ASR was engaged, but they taught us how to ask better questions so we could understand customer issues. They improved the sales process for us, hired our sales team, put us on a better CRM system and built a sizable backlog of business. These guys are real sales professionals.”

“I was concerned initially that Mike and Bruce were not from the wastewater industry,” spoke Brian Bannon, Director of Operations, “but they learned the industry quickly and began making sales calls almost immediately with very little help from us. We will definitely have them do all our training and coaching in the future as we bring on more reps.”

Eric Close continued, “What differentiates ASR from other sales consulting groups is that these guys not only evaluated our needs and recommended solutions, but they actually helped us implement those solutions and took a leadership role in our organization. They didn’t just talk about what to do, they did it! They also ran our weekly sales meeting and went out on sales calls and closed business for us. Strategically, they were also instrumental in turning our small demo projects into larger, production accounts.”

RedZone Robotics is setting a new industry standard in trenchless technology and field service automation by delivering innovative, semi-automated solutions that provide a more simply operated, more powerful, and more cost-effective method of pipe inspection.

RedZone’s robotic offerings significantly outperform existing products, tools and technologies due to their modular approach, simpler operation, faster execution and continuous operation.